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About the use of RSS feeds

IIABEL now offers an RSS feed for latest news, trainings, publications...
In this way, you can get a summary of the news articles that are of interest to you.

If you see a title of interest, then simply click on it to open iiabel.be at the correct page, for the full article.
In most cases the RSS feed is accessible on your computer using an RSS reader.

There are various types of readers, some are browser based (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari), others can be downloaded as a separate application (e.g. on your smartphone).
Each of these readers enables you to register for RSS feeds from the sites of your choice.
In this way you can always keep an eye on your favourite sites.

How do I register for the IIABEL RSS feeds?

To register for the IIABEL RSS feed of your choice, then either :

  • drag the link to your RSS reader,
  • or open the link and paste the URL into your RSS reader,
  • or follow the instructions provided by your RSS reader.

Most used RSS readers


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